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Now we are living in a new generation era. In this era, everyone wants to decorate their home nicely. Home decoration nowadays is an art. Most people want to decorate their home nicely and perfectly so that they can show off and also increase their personality in front of others. Now the people are being animal lovers. They love animals so much. So they want to keep animal-type things in their home. In those animals, the frog comes first. These days it is hard to find people who don’t love frogs. And they want to keep frog-type statues or showpieces in their home. In these statues, glass material is now so favourite to the people because glass material gives so much shine that it decorates the home more beautifully than anyone wants. So for them, Frog Kingdom brings something precious and this is the beautiful Glass Frogs. These glass frogs are so much more beautiful than no one can imagine. These glass frogs will improve your home appearance.

A glass frog is a needy thing in every life to show up and increase your personality. So everyone should buy at least one glass frog to decorate their room to walk with this new generation era. These elegant design frog statues have a cute and extraordinary design that adds an extra relaxing and positive vibe to your home and makes your home more beautiful.

To make your days at home more interesting, we have come up with these unique glass frogs. These statues are very rare and you may not find these elsewhere easily. We assure you that you will feel the changes once you garnish your home with these glass frogs and also feel very content with them.

Exclusive Design🌟

The Frog Kingdom always invents something unique so that they could give their customers full of joy and a positive vibe. So the Frog Kingdom now brings Glass Frogs which is the most precious creation of the frog kingdom. These glass frogs are made with premium quality glass material and also have a unique and fabulous design that will win the heart of customers. These glass frogs have a perfect combination of glass and frogs. And this combination made these glass frogs more special and unique. This design is so epic that you could not find it anywhere.

  • 3d & epic frog designs
  • Made with superb quality material 
  • Creative,colorful & fancy
  • Give your home a vibrant appearance

  • So bring these beautiful frog statues to decorate your home and feel the relaxing and satisfying vibe in yourself.

    Decor Your Home to Increase Your Personality🏠

    The Frog Kingdom always makes something precious for their frog lover customers and they are always inspired by frogs because frogs have many different styles that give a unique thought to make something unique for their customers. By this thought frog Kingdom again made the exclusive Glass Frogs. These glass frogs have an extraordinary design to make your home more beautiful. 

    We are now walking with the new generation and in this generation, everybody hosts parties at their home. And for this, they want to decorate their home with unique things so that they can increase their personality and also show off others. And for this what can be better than the precious Glass frogs. These Glass frogs are made with glass so that they shine so much that no one can imagine these statues will increase your home an enchantress beauty. You can decorate your bedroom, your kitchen, your hall room, your dining room, your bathroom, your swimming pool with these frog statues. So don’t waste your valuable time on the thought that what will you buy to decorate, bring our new glass frogs from the Frog Kingdom, and decorate your home nicely.

    Glass Frogs will Increase Your Pond’s Beauty🌊

    When you see this realistic, piped glass, spitting frog statue captured in full leap, it might just make you do a double-take! Tucked between the flowers as a glass garden sculpture or spitting water straight into your backyard pond, Frog Kingdom exclusive heavyweight, glass frog statue, is a fanciful addition to your favourite pond, fountain, or flowerbed! Frog Kingdom spitting frog glass statue boasts a hand-applied classic sepia patina. This heirloom-quality glass garden statue conveys that you take the exterior of your home as seriously as the interior. Piped to an optional cascade flowing water from the frog's mouth into your pond, pool, or fountain.

    Pucker up for this big boy with dreamboat eyes glass frog statue who strikes a pose that makes him the envy of all wild and woolly woodland creatures! Voted one of the cool toad amphibians on the planet by the Frog Kingdom, their amazing frog statue is pond decor art cast in quality designer glass material and hand-painted in a palette that spreads froggy warts and kisses all over your pond.

    Make Your Entrance Splendid

    Welcome your house guests with an outdoor solar-powered binocular leapfrogs yard glass frog statue with led lights. This glass statue features two adorable leapfrogs with binoculars that provide a unique and decorative charming addition to your home's exterior decor. The lighted yard art is powered by solar energy to keep your outdoor yard statue lit up and features a pair of cool white led lights. Constructed from durable magnesia, the yard art is made tough for outdoor use and is weather-resistant for long-lasting, quality use on your porch, patio, or flowerbeds. Add one or multiple statues to create an enchanted garden display. The yard decor is perfect for display on pathways, entryways, decks, courtyards, and outdoor living spaces. The outdoor garden statue fits almost any outdoor space.

    This glass frog statue with his head high to get a good look around with two big lovely eyes with a beautiful crystal material. This glass statue is sealed for indoor or outdoor use. Every statue has some form of imperfections and none are the same, making it a unique piece of work. It’s the perfect size to move easily and stands out as well. The back of the prince frog is made with glass. Works great in the garden, alongside a potted plant, at your entryway, or indoors, or a grave marker of your furry friend.

    The Best Garden Decor🌼

    We have an adorable and neutral colour beautiful lying glass frog that is made with premium quality crystal material which will magically illuminate in the jars at dusk, bringing this adorable garden art to life! Adds a touch of whimsy and magic to your home with this charming garden art.

    Again show off the energy and beauty of sunshine with the glass frog with a solar-powered feature in your garden. The frog prince will accent your low blossoms with a bright blue or green hue, illuminated by an LED light that will come on as the sun goes down. Detailed glasswork and marble eyes give this garden decor a colourful look and sparkle during the day with illuminated cut-outs that will glow at night. The glass frog prince will make a wonderful addition to your garden decor, as a stand-alone piece, or illuminate in a grouping at night to the delight of friends and neighbours. It makes a wonderful gift as well.

    Gift Glass Frog to Your Nearest Person💝

    Our glass frog statues include numerous kinds of patterns in different styles to meet different people’s tastes. Such as cute style for children, modern style for the young, antique style for the old, etc. So it is a great gift for kids, parents, relatives, friends, classmates, etc.

    According to the needs of this modern generation’s people, you can find a lot of frog statues to satisfy everyone’s mind. Through this, you will be able to boost your positive confidence. You can give our best products to your father, mother, brother, sister, partner, your friends and the purple whom you love most. You also can gift these best products on fathers day, mothers day, anniversary, wedding day, birthday, Christmas day, etc. Although our products are not the cheapest, the quality of our goods is the best! You will get a satisfying feeling when you will use our glass frogs. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all by choosing any of our products.

    Materials and Care🐸

    The Frog Kingdom Always brings something precious all the time. In this continuum Frog Kingdom again made the best ever thing the Glass Frogs. These statues are made with glass so that you have to use these statues very carefully otherwise they will break.

  • 100% original and genuine product
  • Made with high-quality glass
  • These statues are waterproof, so you can place those statues anywhere
  • Made with skin-friendly and eco-friendly material
  • The colours are perfectly finished so that it won’t get off
  • Skin-friendly colour material that won’t harm your skin
  • The great design frog statues are that perfect addition to home decor.
  • Long-lasting product that gives you a satisfying feel
  • Grab the statue hard so that it won’t slip from your hand
  • Keep away from little children
  • Carefully wipe the statues
  • So bring our most beautiful creature to give your home a vibrant appearance and give yourself a satisfying and positive feel.