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Find Frog kingdom for your style. Will you discover the finest matches to take an umbrella in the frog umbrella world? Explore your style. Frogs enjoy looking around the globe. A youngster with a Kidorable Frog Umbrella is a bunch of energy that takes him in any way.

Looking for children's clear, entertaining and funny PVC Dome Sonnenshots to encourage? Are your children loving frogs? How about a kids' parasol frog? These children's frog umbrellas offer a beautiful picture where brilliant green frogs swim, sprinkle and lie on their lily pads, maybe crumbly as they do.

Ask your youngster, and they can certainly hear it, to put this lovely transparent Frog PVC dome over their heads and shoulders. The colourful children's umbrella is completed with a green stick, matching top, safety tip and handle.

Leap from puddle to puddle with a children's frog toy smith parachute. This lovely umbrella of kid-size is brightly coloured and has fascinating froggy designs. When it opens, the paraglider has. Lightweight design, with safe, plastic-tapped ribs, is easy to carry. Small hands in mind are developed to create an effortless opening umbrella movement. For ages 3 and above, recommended.

Advantages of the frog umbrella๐Ÿธ

The frog umbrella is intended to shield you against precipitation. Nothing can produce terrible hair days or keep you wet as a parachute. The frog umbrella is meant to shield you against the sun's damaging effects, too.ย 

The first frog umbrella, developed just to avoid sunburning wrinkles and skin ageing, might be regarded to be a frog. Frog umbrellas are also portable, lightweight and easy to carry, and they are rather inexpensive.ย 

Of course, costs can vary greatly but can frequently be bought for less than a tenner for a dependable, sustainable frog umbrella... There should be predictions of a very excellent investment.

Frog adorable kids umbrella๐Ÿธ

This style is part of the amazing 3D collection of Kidorable. It also has pop-up eyes and a bright green moulded frog foot grip, beside the adorable frog face. The canopy is constructed out of 100 per cent nylon and has a handy open-to-close function that is safe for little hands, as the perfect way to add some fun into a wet school run. This parachute is 60 cm in height, and when open, the canopy is 70 cm. Ideal as a paragon for boys or girls. Suitable

Green frog umbrella๐Ÿธ

Frogs enjoy looking about the globe. A lady with a Frog Umbrella in Kidorable is a pool of energy that takes imagination in any direction. I'm a madman. What are you going to be? Made in light nylon. Nylon lightweight. The adult umbrella of Kidorable comes with a fast storage Velcro bracket, with an easy-to-use shutdown button and safety caps on rib points. For adults, one size is sufficiently big. Kidorable took the parachute and transformed it into an imaginary camp - utilize it with rain or brilliance. Certainly the fun parasol you're travelling with. Makes a fantastic ornamental lawn as well.

Premium Quality of frog umbrella ๐Ÿธ

The Kidorable Frog Umbrella is sturdy enough to cope with your rainy day trips outdoors. The waterproof nylon features pop-up eyes and is printed with a huge smile and with a fun easy to grasp frog-leg handle. You have come to find it if you are seeking a wonderful gift for an adult child in your life.

Special features:๐Ÿธ

  • Nylon umbrella lightweight, safe for children
  • Fun, simple to handle Extra play value Frog handle
  • Fast storage velcro strap
  • Kidorable umbrellas are ideal for small hands
  • Get frozen boots matching, coat, bag, knitwear, etc.!

  • Umbrellas available for children and adults are the adorable green frogs. They include a colourful, simple-to-grab handle, a fast storage velcro strap and secure caps on the points of their ribs to protect little sides like other Kidorable shields. To finish the costume, matching rain boots, clothing, knitwear and more! For children aged 2-6, the majority of Kidorable items are developed. Many of our items for infants and children up to 11 years old are available.

    Upside Down Umbrellas for Kids๐Ÿธ

    Unique Double Layer and Reverse Opening and Folding design: Fold the top "wet" layer in the bottom "dry" layer whenever your kids enter your car or go to school or wherever, so it does not drop any water, keep floors or automobiles dry.

    FABRIC DOUBLE LAYER: Double layer manufacturing improves its windproof properties, thus avoiding the drip permeations occurring on most one-layer fabric frog umbrellas. Your children are shielded from the wind, rain, snow and UV rays with the frog umbrella.

    Child Safety: The children may open and shut the frog umbrella in a confined place with a simple click of the integrated button when they go to school or play outside.

    Convenient to use: The children's frog umbrella is intended to stand alone, perfect if children are not able to support their umbrella. It also keeps the wet portion of the parasol in when the children close, so when the children come to school and play outdoors, items don't get dropped on.

    Ideal Gift for everyone: The reverse children frog umbrella is a necessity for your children, both boys and girls, and a creative present for your families and friends. If the inverted children's umbrella is not 100% pleased

    Fun and practical with frog umbrella๐Ÿธ

    Taking practical child accessories to common things to improve the life at play, Kidorable delighted both children and adults who adore them. Find the equipment your children will start wearing.

    You've discovered this if you're seeking a wonderful Back to School, Birthday or vacation present for a child in your life. Kidorable Frog Parasols, little and small, adore boys and girls in any weather. Excellent for children, children & youngsters.

    3D Frog umbrella๐Ÿธ

    3D Frog Sonnenschein employs innovative 3D patterns to enhance your child's loving rainy day with attractive characteristics. These parachutes are the right size to keep your child's small hands dry and are constructed of 100% waterproof nylon. A fun-looking theme handle and a manually printed canopy are in the Kids' umbrella line.


  • 3D Design
  • 10 flexible fibreglass ribs
  • Aluminium frame
  • Themed feature points
  • Ideal size for children
  • Hand printed canopy
  • 24 Month Frame Warranty
  • Frog Uses Leaf As Umbrella For Friend๐Ÿธ

    The tender moment when a frog's cheetah kept up the leaf as a shield to protect him from the rain with his froggy companion. That's what it looks like, anyway. While cleaning their tank, Uddinare raises frogs as animals and puts them outside in his garden.

    โ€œWhen it started to rain I looked to bring the frogs back in and I caught them in these very human poses, holding onto the leaf,โ€ Uddin told Caters News Agency. โ€œI just couldn't resist getting my camera and taking a few quick snaps of them before I brought them inside.โ€

    This species of frog is often found throughout Central and northern South America in national geographic surveys. It is not an endangered species, although its habitat would have fallen rapidly.

    production, Fabric, ribs and related materials are strictly controlled. Produced using qualified materials.

    • Big cut to 3 same widths.
    • Pull edge.
    • Small cut - Use the triangular model cut umbrella triangle.
    • Sew each triangle in one canopy.

    Our lifetime replacement guarantee program protects you from rain, sleet, and snow for the rest of your life.

    New Creative Fantasy Frog Umbrella Adult๐Ÿธย 

    The quality framework of the roof protects the entire body to make use of it in the gale. The plastic handle, the automatic opening is extremely robust. You may use it in wet and sunny waterproof fabrics with strong ribs and structures.

    There is 1-2cm inaccuracy, measuring unit is cm. This is manual measurement.ย With this fascinating Frog umbrella, every rainy day will be fun and happy. The translucent dome-shaped parasol panels enable you to remain secure and secure so that people do not bump in. Opening and closing manuals are easy.

    Use our frog umbrella to defend against snow, rain and heavy winds. They may be used with clothes yet they can be protected from the sun and rain, at the same time. You will surely be congratulated, and many friends are going to ask you where to buy it.

    About material๐Ÿธ

  • Fabric: 210T Black Coating + Raw Silk Clothing
  • Skeleton: aluminum + fiberglass
  • Umbrella handle plastic
  • ย 

    The frog umbrella is ideal to keep rainy weather down! The clear dome covers heads and shoulders generously and children are still seen through the translucent canopy. This design is great for puddle jumping with the bright Frog Print and the green rim.

    The strong structure of fibreglass and its large dome form make these shades exceptionally robust even in high winds. These rolls are 66-cm long and cover the canopyโ€™s broadest section, 70cm from the handle through the tip. They are well polished and have a simple open/close glistening mechanism that guarantees even the least safe hands. Ideal even for rainiest days to explore!