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Feel the world of frogs around you with our brand new frog paintings. We offer these artworks for having a contemporary and luxurious touch to your room. The artworks are finished by our specific expert craftsmen painter with numerous long stretches of involvement. These paintings are not simply printed. Own a classic masterpiece or some great work of modern decorative art. Make your home an art gallery! 

Everyone loves to have lively animal paintings in their rooms. Our frog painting will be an elegant choice to give your room a gorgeous appearance. These frog paintings will help you relax because it allows your mind to focus on one central topic - the cute frog. It relieves anxiety from the mind and relaxes the body. The combination of painting and relaxing music can heal your body and soul. 

There are some different types of frog paintings in our frog painting collection. Like - Canvas Art Print Frog Painting, Oil Frog Painting, Diamond 5D Frog Painting, etc. Every piece is made of high-quality and authentic sturdy material that is ensured to serve your room an aesthetic glow. The frog painting will be the best gift idea for your friends and loved ones. 

Let Your Room Have A Zestful Appearance✨

Change your room’s daily outlook stylishly and decoratively with our unique frog artwork. Hang up the beautiful painting anywhere in your room, the painting’s exquisite texture will offer you an up-to-date glaze whenever you enter your room. It will make you feel so relaxed. Wherever you get back from the office being so stressed, go to your room and look at the painting to explore the adorable world of frogs. Surely, it will drive away your stress. Besides, guests will be so astonished by the pretty look of the frog painting when they visit your home. So, choose one of our great frog paintings and decorate your room eye-snappily    

These frog paintings can decorate room walls and make the lifeless wall more colourful. If you think the decoration of your house is insipid and ordinary, our stunning frog paintings will help you to make your drawing room, bedroom, and other places vivid.

  • Modernize your home’s interiors.
  • Alleviate all your stress.
  • Allow your room to get a charming and fancy vibe of a cute frog painting design. 

  • Modern Inspirational Artwork Design🐸

    These frog paintings come in very exceptional and fashionable designs. We have designed the frog painting with an adorable 5D printed frog. The frog is printed on premium quality canvas. It offers a realistic look of a frog that makes you feel the frog cutely looking at you and trying to say something. It is an increase in efficiency and eye protection. 

    Diamond frog painting is easier than cross stitching and more beautiful. Contrasted with conventional cross weaving, we utilize man-made diamond setting skills. It is simple for anybody without information on attracting to satisfy exemplary craftsmanship. Comes in various colourful textures. You will enjoy the fun of the manufacturing. Embellish your painting hobby with more fun as well as creativity. 

    Satisfying and Amazing Cartoon Frog Painting for Children🧒

    Your kids will get much satisfaction from the realistic look of the frog in the painting. Also, they will feel so pleased to see the cute vibe of the frog painting in their room. Whenever they enter their room, the painting will always keep their smiley face. Not to mention, it also helps in leaving a good impression of you on your guests. And the first step to achieve that is to decorate your house in a creative and fancy way with our amazing frog paintings. The frog painting will be a friendly piece for your kid. 

  • Effectively gets blended with any type of room. 
  • Inconceivable for embellishing children's rooms to give their room playful and perky energy.
  • Will make your kids’ room look lovely, decorative and colourful.
  • Children will get a lot of fulfilment from having those paintings in their room. 

  • Let your kid have an adorable cartoon-looking face of frogs around their room. Decorate your kid’s room adorably with our frog paintings. Our every frog painting features lovely colourful texture, present-day vibe, and high-quality construction will be a courageous addition to a kid’s painting hobby. 

    Bring Up-to-date Your Painting Hobby with Our Diamond Frog Painting🐸

    Diamond Painting is a new craft hobby that's a mix between paint by numbers and Cross Stitch. With diamond painting, you apply thousands of tiny resin diamonds to a coded adhesive canvas to create shimmering Diamond Art

    The diamond frog paintings that we offer are semi-finished. Do not include frames, we will provide the diamond embroidery tools for you to make the full 5D diamond frog painting. 

    You have come to the right place if you are new to Diamond Painting! Below are step-by-step instructions on how to get started. It’s very easy, anyone can do it!

    • Your diamond painting kit will include a canvas, pen, wax, and tray. Remove all of the items from the package.
    • Layout the canvas on a clean, flat surface. You will notice that printed directly on the canvas is a chart with your diamonds that are labelled with a number that corresponds to a symbol. You will need to match the corresponding colour of round-shaped diamonds to the symbols and place them on the canvas accordingly.
    • Choose a single colour diamond to get started with. Pour a small number of diamonds into the tray. If you hold it at a slight angle and gently shake it back and forth the diamonds will settle right side up so they are facing the correct way to pick them up with the applicator.
    • Peel back a small section of the plastic film to work on at one time. It's best and easiest to work on a small section at a time. It is important to keep the canvas covered when you aren't working on it.
    • A pink square that comes with the kit is the wax. Peel back the clear plastic on the wax, and dip the tip of the applicator to fill it with wax.
    • You can then pick up the diamonds as they will easily stick to the tip of the applicator. Once picked up, carefully press the diamond onto its corresponding symbol on the canvas.
    • Always remember to add a little bit more wax if the pen seems like it doesn't pick up the diamonds anymore.
    • Repeat the process until you are done!
    • A recommended final touch to completing a good diamond painting is to put it in a suitable frame to hang up in your home. The experience is fulfilling and you will be able to showcase your work!
    •  Have fun creating your masterpiece!

    Enduring Paint Material and Care🐸

    We have done realistic frog art through a high-quality printing machine. Moreover, here are the materials below that we used to make the frog paintings durable:  

  • High-quality and acid-free paint (acrylic or oil paint), 100% pure resin diamond (for diamond painting).  
  • Some of our paintings feature genuine wooden frames. 
  • Waterproof, sun-proof, and moisture-proof. 
  • Skin-friendly and eco-friendly premium quality canvas with high definition pattern.
  • Here are some instructions to keep the painting safe:

  • Hang up the painting carefully.
  • Wipe with dry cloth only.
  • Don’t let children go near the painting.

    Where to Hang The Painting?🐸

    The key to art looking good on your walls is more about where to hang the frog painting rather than the art itself. Whether it's an oil/acrylic painting or a 5D diamond painting, it's all about how you choose to display it. Here are some instructions you have to follow to show up the painting eye-snappily:

    • As a rule of thumb, hanging paintings at eye level is a safe option. This generally means positioning the picture so its midpoint is 57-60 inches from the floor, depending on the ceiling height of the room – and your height, of course.
    • Obviously, as with any rule, some flexibility is necessary. You may have other artworks to manoeuvre around or an inconveniently placed mantelpiece. If the picture’s midpoint is not exactly at eye level, don’t panic. Go with your instincts and hang it where it feels natural. 
    • Want to hang several paintings? It’s generally sensible to hang your largest picture first and work around it. Visualize how you want the completed wall to look and play around with a few arrangements laid out on the floor before you start to make any holes in the wall.

    Aesthetic Gift for Everyone🎁

    Our frog paintings include numerous kinds of patterns in different styles to meet different people’s tastes. Such as cute style for children, modern style for the young, antique style for the old, etc. So it is a great gift for kids, parents, relatives, friends, classmates, etc.

    According to the needs of this modern generation’s people, most of the paintings in our FROG-KINGDOM store are Diamond 5D Frog Paintings. Through this, you will be able to boost your artistic confidence. These diamond paintings are particularly finished. We will provide the diamond embroidery tools for your make. Although our products are not the cheapest, the quality of our goods is the best! You’ll find out more information about our products from the customers’ reviews. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all by choosing any of our products.