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Discover in the Frog Kingdom your character. In the frog mask world, you may make the best matches with a mask. A frog mask that makes others happy is the fundamental trait of your originality. There are several sorts of masks that make you rest, nice, charming, humorous, funny.

These amazing frog masks embody everyone's favourite aquatic animal. Role-play with this entertaining resource several characters, people and soon-to-be princes. Don't download these frog masks, you'd be insane. This face mask is constructed from 100 per cent polyester and has two ear loops with adjustable grommets for a comfortable fit.

The printed mask area is about 7 inches wide by 5 inches high. The mask fits on the faces of adult males without the grommets but may be used snugly also by adult women thanks to the adjustable grommets.

Because the pandemic driven by the coronavirus made the face mask a new standard in society, many large corporations have reminded the public to always wear a mask following the CDC instructions. Now, the weather mascot of Google, Froggy also follows the regulations and wears a mask when he moulds the pelvis or hangs the clothing

Comfortable printed frog mask🐸

The Strap can be changed by M-shaped, washable, reusable, a filter can be changed according to the size of the face (5 Layers Of Activated Carbon Filters, Containing 2 Replacement Packs)

Our mouth mask comes in 100% polyester that is comfortable to wear and breathable. And all year round, you may use it. The stainless steel mask may be washed and reused. It's very environmentally friendly and suitable for you.

Frog face mask material and structure🐸

Our mouth mask is 100% polyester which is comfortable to wear and breathable. And all year round you can use it. The dustproof mask can be washed and reused. It's so environmentally friendly and comfortable for you. The strap may be adjusted to the face size, nose clip in the form of an M, washable, recyclable, filter can be altered. 5 layers of carbon activated filters, containing 2 substitute bags

Frog face mask suitable time🐸

Appropriate for children and adults To go outside, cycling, shopping, aircraft travel, public areas, weakened immune systems, outdoor activities, pets & pet grooming etc. Well, good decoration and trendy items!

The Mask Belt Button can adjust the density, and the length, to the contour of your face. It can be replicated after rapid drying, and it is a piece of high-quality fabric and materials that are resistant to washing and won't let their work be lost over time.

Frog face mask Fashionable🐸

Little Frog Face Cute Animal Mask is designed in style and is the best gift for family and friends.

The ideal choice is also Fashion And Unique Design. The perfect present, Friends and anybody you love, for members of the family. Great choice to give thanks to us, Christmas, New Year and Birthday and so on. A great choice for a gift.

Frog face mask Features🐸

The length of the buckle may be changed to prevent marks from leaving after being taken out of the face, according to your face contour. Comfortable and breathable, waterproof and dustproof, washable, Adjustable tightness. Airing, M-shaped, comfortable and respiratory clip, protects against dust and particles.

Kermit frog face mask🐸

Kermit the Frog has been famous for a long time. Cute Kermit Green Frog Reusable Child Face Bandanas, Breathable Children's Seamless Mouth Filter Pocket.  The reusable bandanas of the children are fitted with a carbon filter pocket, purchase one cover with 2 pcs complimentary 5-layer protection filters. 

Our kids are cute clothes face covered in high-grade soft and breathable polyester fabric. It is washable in cold water and after long-term washing, it does not distort. The M-shaped nose clips and adjustable buckles that protect your child's mouth and face from dust, wind, sun and vehicle exhaust are the attractive facial shields of the youngsters with 3D design. 6.9 in. breathable mouth gauze covers half of the nose and chin and gives most boys and girls 5-12 years old a safe and comfortable fit.

With adjustable stretching ear loops to fit closely, wear and tear easily. Our children's washable filter facial coverings may be used both indoors and outside, schools, parks, playgrounds, airports. You safeguard kids when cycling, decorating their homes and touring.


  • The high elastic and adjustable cover for the ear loop provides excellent coverage for the adult size nose, mouth and face. Extreme wear, comfort and easy breathing.
  • Filters that slide in and out are easily installed. Our children's breathable bandana contains two-part substitution filters to avoid pollution, smoke, exhaust from the vehicle, pet jug and smells.
  • The breathable covering is skin-friendly and enables you to wash and wear again.
  • The length of your facial contour is freely changed.

Wear Instructions

Remove the filter pad before the face coating is washed. Unfold the material and place the filter in the inner layer. Place it on your face. 

Hand cloth bandana washes with mild detergent at least once a week or until necessary. Adjust the ears on both sides of the cover of your mouth to your ears and the O-ring to make it comfortable to wear.

Air dry to preserve shape. Don't wash with a clothes machine. DO NOT dry smooth, iron and white. Set the location of the nasal splint. Press gently the nose splint, exercise slowly pressure on both sides and push from the centre, till the nasal bridge is set closely and pleasantly.

It is washable, does not wash the filter and may be changed with the dustproof mouth coating. At least once a week replace the filter or unless needed.

Funny Cute Animal Frog Face Mask🐸

Adults and children have new and better facial masks here! Help slow down the spreading of the virus with a nicely designed face with upgrading, adjustable ear bands and nose wire to make it fit as well as an insert slot so that you can insert a disposable mask (with separate selling) for extra filter protective layers.

The adjustable nose bridge wire enables the top of the mask to conform exactly to the nasal shape, and you can adjust the strain on your face and ears just right with the adjustable ear loops. Check out dozens of designs or build bespoke masks with the upload of pictures or logos.

Frog kingdom is not surgical masks, personal protection equipment or N-95 respirators, customized fabric face masks. These vital resources are saved, when social disconnectedness measures are difficult to sustain, for the courageous professionals of health who are in the forefront, taking care of our beloved ones and are more meant for broad everyday usage in public. To keep you safe and comfortable, our face masks include all the main features:

  • User friendly (wash hands after removal of the mask)
  • Reusable washing after every use with adequate sanitation
  • Clean or mild cycle washable machine
  • 100% polyester fabric breathable. The front material adorned is a poly plate and the back is composed of microfiber poly
  • The sturdy elastic strap around the ear with adjustable tensioners fit snugly
  • The nose wire fits into your nose and facial contour
  • Children under 2 years of age should not be given face masks

  • It May be worn alone but with an insert hole, meant to provide an optional operating másk or a separately supplied disposable mask that functions as an extra fluid barrier and particulate materials.

  • Note that the flame resistance or skin sensitivity of our facial masks were not tested.

  • Wash before using. Use a moderate cycle or soft cycle, please.

Cute Froggy Frog Face Mask🐸

Hand-made facial mask with nose wire adjustable earrings. Light and Soft Cotton face mask with 2 layers, NOT heavy cotton. The designs are printed on the face, washed before wearing the product and washed by hand. The patterns are printed. Mask Adult Frog Face, Filter Pocket Facemask Free Nose Wire, Washable Cotton Face Masks Frog Reusable Black.

The ECDC (European Centre of Disease Control) advises that fabric covers are used as face masks to add social distance to combat the transmission of COVID-19. The ECDC recommends that social distance be combated. Even handmade tissue-facing covers are advised by the ECDC to help reduce viral transmission.

The masks are unique and custom-made. Hundreds of producers, most of them in the US, run the Frog Kingdom marketplace. We also deal with several manufacturers worldwide, to help with the growing demand for bespoke masks. Given your unique order specifications and delivery destination, we route your order to the appropriate manufacturer to provide the highest quality and quickest turnaround.

In any operational environment or where substantial exposure to the liquid, body or other hazardous liquid fluids is anticipated. In a clinical environment where the level of risk of infection by exposure to inhalation is high. when the heat source is high and inflammable. We do not give any express or implied assurances that the mask prevents infections, viruses or illnesses from spreading.