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Are you thinking about a party to make it more fun, cute and enjoyable and live that moment over and over again? For that, you are most welcome to frog kingdom. Create a lifestyle of your own. Welcome to the land of the frog cupcake, where hundreds of yummy, lovely, cute, sweet, stupid and funny frogs cupcake may be found. The essential aspect of your nature interest is the frog cupcake. A yummy cute frog cupcake may offer something more enjoyable in everyday life by adding a cute frog cupcake moment to your life.

Being joyful is highly helpful for your health, therefore if you are happy with eating a cupcake, it is important for your health. Calories are also provided to keep you working with protein and calcium eggs and milk. Moreover, chocolate has several health advantages fairly regularly.

You're not going to be so pleased when you choose to receive calories and nutrients from a source with more healthy and more sugar and fibre, therefore your health won't profit so much. But most people eat "healthy" food as a chore and then a choice, so eating cupcakes sometimes is happier (and hence healthier) for most than not eating.

Cute frog Kermit cupcake cutter🐸

All of your baking requirements may be met with this cutter - cupcakes, cookies, fondant, candies, you name it! Craft projects and hobbies can also benefit from the usage of this product.

Cute frog Kermit cupcake-cutter In 3 and 4-inch cutters, they are 1/2inch deep. Sizes other than those listed above can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer. Detail Impression disc helps embellish your goody by leaving a clear impression that matches up with the cut object. As a result of tight corners and angles in the manner they are manufactured, not all impression discs fit within the outer shell. After cutting, they are designed to be utilized separately.

You may use the disc to give your design a precise finish while working with cookie dough, fondant, clay, and even playdoh. Durable design 3D printed at a high resolution with fine walls of 1mm and a broader top for comfort in the hand. Food safe PLA plastic is used for all parts. Dishwasher-safe pieces are not available.

Hands should only be washed with warm water. They will distort if left in hot water. They may differ from example pictures due to availability. Any requests for bespoke designs are welcome, and there is no additional price for doing so.

  • Material: PLA plastic which is biodegradable and good for the environment.
  • All cookie cutters are made at the time of order. 
  • Colour: Most cookie cutters will be red or yellow, however, colour may vary and are random
  • These items are not dishwasher safe. hand washes only with cold water. 
  • Prolonged exposure to moisture and direct heat/sunlight should be avoided.
  • All cookie cutters are 3D printed and they are NOT injected plastic. The appearance may not be as smooth as injected plastic. Hope you have reasonable expectations.

  • 3D frog cupcake topper🐸

    Food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic and ecologically acceptable, 3D frog cupcake topper is utilized to make the cake soap mould. As well as being waterproof, it is also resistant to extreme temperatures, sturdy, and easy to demolish. Because they're so soft, they won't rip or stick. They're also easy to unmold. Soap or cake may be readily removed, washed with warm, soapy water, or placed in the dishwasher.

    After it has cooled, it will simply come off the form when you take it out of the oven. Simple to separate, store, and maintain its form thanks to the non-stick covering. This tool may be used to create a variety of forms for cakes and biscuits as well as jellies, puddings, bread, ice cream, soap, and other products. School parties, weekend snacks, school parties, fall festivities, and birthday parties are all excellent occasions for serving this dish. In addition, it may be given as a present to family and friends for a birthday or a holiday.

  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: SILICONE
  • Model Number: cake moulds
  • Colour: Pink
  • Item name: frog Silicone moulds
  • Shape: Medical Themed fondant moulds
  • Function: cake decorating, making chocolate, candy
  • Rating of temperature: -40 centigrade to +210 centigrade
  • Package: opp bag
  • Weight: 7g

  • Cute frog silicone mould cupcake🐸

    The silicone material is odourless, reusable, strong, and durable. Cute frog silicone mould cupcake is also non-sticky and simple to clean. The silicone mould is waterproof and dustproof, making it easy to clean. As a result of its flexibility and ease of opening, cooking time is reduced.

    Silicone cake moulds may be used in ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and freezers without causing damage to the silicone. Suitable for manual cooking at home, cutting cakes, chocolate, bread, handicrafts, doughnuts and more. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas presents, Valentine's Day and birthday gifts, and decorations are just a few examples of the occasions in which these gifts are appropriate. Your happiness is our motivation.

  • Weight: 80 g
  • Material: silicone
  • Packing: opp bag
  • colour: pink
  • High quality and it is easy for using and cleaning
  • It is Soft and easy to use
  • Rating of temperature: -40 centigrade to +230 centigrade
  • Perfect for making cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, chocolate,
  • pudding and fruit pies.
  • Suitable for microwave oven, toaster and refrigerator.

  • Frog Head Cupcake topper 🐸

    With this frog head cupcake and fondant cutter, you can make cupcakes, salt dough ornaments, fondant decorations, cake toppers, and more. A great idea for birthdays or theme parties. The separate stamp will make your design stand out by adding details, and it will make your projects easier to embellish with the help of the separate stamp. 

    Measurements are given in the size menu. Also, keep in mind that the smaller the cookie dough/fondant cutter, the more difficult it is to remove it. Please let us know if you need a different size or a different colour. There is one cutter and one stamp included in this combination of two items. Food-safe PLA was used to 3D print the model. You'll receive a random colour choice.

    Care instructions 🐸

    A little brush and lukewarm water will clean your cupcakes cutter after each usage. Pat yourself dry. Under extreme heat, the product's plastic may get warped. Small flaws are part of the beauty of handcrafted items.

    Frog mould set for cake decorating or cupcake🐸

    In the package, you will get 22 pieces of charming frog and flower tiny figurines that you may use to decorate your room with your friends and family. Our small garden frog decorations are made of resin, which is a robust and durable substance. They are not easily faded or broken, and their suitable size makes them simple to transport.

    These frog decorations are meant to look like genuine frogs, with vibrant colours and a variety of sizes. There are enough creatures in this model fairy garden miniature to construct your own, and the colours are vibrant enough to make it a wonderful present for your children and family.

    Although these small moss landscape DIY crafts may be used to beautify a garden, children under the age of 3 should only use them with adult supervision. Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are just a few of the holidays when you may give your children these adorable frog tiny sculptures. You can also play with them and enhance your handiwork and creativity.

    As soon as your party guests see your frog cupcakes, they'll head straight to the dessert table. The family has been creating innovative patterns for baking for over 30 years. For each holiday party or event, cut the mould and decorate themed forms. Cookie dough, fondant, brownies, cakes, or craft clay may be used to create interesting forms.

    Frog cupcakes are always frozen or creamy. They are very common. While the savours differ, it is frequently the trait that people recognize frog cupcakes with whether they are frosted or not. This gives the frog cupcakes a sweet flavour.

    Every set of cupcake toppers consists of 18 toppers. The cupcake topper's pattern is printed digitally on the silver glitters card, which is brighter and does not peel or break. It is excellent for your birthday celebration and may easily attract the eyes of guests. The cupcake topper is constructed of slippery, sturdy and non-toxic cardboard and a food-defined plastic bag. For usage as a birthday celebration or a baby shower, these Frog cupcake toppers,

    Just open the pack and use the adhesive dots to attach the plastic sticks, then put them into the cake. Your dessert table is made more vibrant and usual with the smooth cupcake top. Order this amazing topper today and impress everyone at your event! These Toppers, great as cake toppers or party favours for both adults and children. Perfect for parties, boys or girls, baby showers, birthday parties and wedding parties for children, etc.