10 Things No One Tells You About Frog Plushies

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10 Things No One Tells You About Frog Plushies

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When you are looking for a gift to buy your favorite animal lover, where do you usually turn?

One thing that might catch your eye while browsing the shelves at the online pet stores are frog plushies!

These adorable toys come in every color imaginable!

They have a soft texture with bright eyes, making them irresistible to play with. But what should you know about frog plushies before purchasing one for yourself or someone else?

There are many things that no one tells you about frog plushies.

The 10 things we will discuss in this blog post are: what to know before buying a frog, how much do they cost, where can I buy them and more!

For example, did you know that some frogs have an attached sound box so when squeezed they make a croaking noise? These little guys really do come with their own personality!

If you are going to buy a frog and are unsure about what to do with it once you get home, don't worry! These little guys make great pets.

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 1. They are Not Just for Kids

Adults love frog Plushies also

The first thing to know about frog plushies is that they are not just for kids.

You heard it right! Adults love them too! They make great gifts for that special someone who is hard to shop for. Believe it or not, these little guys are a lot more versatile than you may think.

They come in all shapes and sizes which means there's one out there for everyone no matter what their interests may be (hunting frogs? Fishing frog?)

Even if you don't intend on buying one of these little guys as a pet, it makes a great addition to any animal collection or kid's room decor.

They can also be used as companions around the house - lying on your desk at work feels pretty good when things get stressful and you're feeling lonely; sitting next to your bed makes a nice sound box if you don't have an alarm clock; tucked into the arm of your couch gives off soft light without disturbing anyone else in the room with bright shining lights.

2. Some Frog Plushies have a Sound Box Inside

Frog plushies with Sound Box inside

The next thing that people do not tell us about frog plushies is that there are two types: those who only squeak (meaning without any other feature) and those who also say their name in addition to making sounds.

The ones which say their names are usually for adults or children older than five years old because it requires more coordination skills.

The ones which only squeak are usually for children younger than five years, because it is easier to press the button that makes a sound.

Besides this, you should know that some frog plushies have a sound box inside and others do not. The one with an internal sound box will produce clearer sounds when pressed on its belly or back (depending on where the child rubs).

Kids love the novelty of frogs with a sound box inside!

Whenever you leave your kids alone, they can play with the sound and laugh with joy.

3. Frogs are typically made with soft materials like cotton and polyester

Frog Plushies are made with Safe Materials

The frog is usually made with a soft material that can vary from cotton to polyester.

The frogs are often stuffed with other materials for better results, such as foam or plastic beads.

Some of the more expensive plushies may even have metal springs inside their bodies and limbs so they will be able to jump like real frogs!

Frogs are typically the last addition to a toy or stuffed animal line because they often require more complicated construction than other animals, such as sewing together two legs and four feet for one side of the frog's body.

The frogs also have an extremely small surface area so it can be difficult to get them exactly right on your first try! The best way to tell if you're doing something wrong? When your frog starts looking like its rib cage is going in opposite directions.

4. Frogs are not always green

Frog plush comes with various colors

Yeah, You heard me right. Frogs are not always green! I guess it's because most of them jump around and in the water so much but you would think that they wouldn't change colors when their environment does.

The color of a frog is determined by its habitat, diet, gender, or age; generally some shade from brown to bright green.

It was recently found out that frogs can be blue too! They were discovered in India which apparently has an 'unusual' diversity of amphibians

Just another reason why we should take care of our planet for all future generations with more beautiful creatures like these!!!

We have the most adorable frog plush - "FROG PLUSH JOJO" Which is available in different colors.

5. They can't be washed in a washing machine or dishwasher

The one thing no one tells you about frog plushies is that they can't be washed in a washing machine or dishwasher!

The manufacturer's instructions usually say to air dry them.

This might not sound like too much of an issue, but if your house has hard water and often smells musty from the shower then it becomes clear why this is important.

Letting wet things sit will start to smell up all of the other clothes stored with it because bacteria builds on damp surfaces like clothing left sitting for long periods of time (this includes stuffed animals).

So what do I do? Well luckily there are plenty of ways to get around this problem without having to worry about how dirty your small child gets their toy.

You could either just buy a cheap toy and wash it every once in a while or if you have some time to spare, then get out your duster with the long handle - also known as The Shower Buddy.

You can either use this on a low setting (if it's not too dirty) or for more stubborn dirt stains turn it up so that it sprays water onto those surfaces.

This might sound like overkill but trust me: I speak from experience when I say that stuffed animals usually don't look their best after being soaked!

6. Some people believe that frogs bring good luck because they symbolize fertility and rebirth

Frog Plushies symbolize Fertility and rebirth

People have believed for centuries that frogs are symbols of fertility and rebirth. 

Some attribute this to the frog's reproductive habits, others believe it is because they appear after rainstorms which can signify a new beginning in some cultures or religions.

Some people say that good luck follows them everywhere as if they follow every step on land with two legs (or four).

Others may not know what brings all these lucky streaks but one thing is certain - Frogs do!

The reason behind this belief has been hotly debated by anthropologists since ancient times when animals were first worshiped through magic rites; however, there are many explanations: from its ability to hibernate beneath ground during winter months symbolizing death and resurrection like Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago while sleeping in his tomb, to the way it catches its prey with a lightning-fast tongue strike.

7. They can be used as a therapeutic tool to help people get over their fear of frogs

Buy a Frog Plush

If you're a little squeamish, the thought of touching these slimy creatures may be repulsive. But what if they were soft and fluffy?

Frog plushies are just like that!

Infused with positive vibes from their makers, frog plushies can act as an emotional helper for those who have difficulty coping with frogs in real life.

Plus--they make great gifts to give to kids on Halloween night or any other special occasion because everybody loves receiving something cute but creepy at the same time!

8. They're great for decoration - place one in any room in your home!

Frog Plushies are great for Home Decor

A frog plushie can be a cute addition to any room in your home.

The realistic design and bright colors make them perfect for decoration, whether you place one on the living room coffee table or next to your bedroom lamp!

The next time you feel like adding a little ambiance to your home, consider this friendly frog.

They will add a pop of color and cheerfulness to any room.

Click here to see the most trending Frog Plushies for Home Decorations.

9. The word "frog" comes from an Old English phrase meaning "to croak," which is what frogs do

Cute Frog Plush

Interestingly, "frog" comes from an Old English phrase meaning "to croak," which is what frogs do.

Supposedly this word was used to describe the sound that a frog makes because it sounds like someone trying to clear their throat with phlegm in there!

The term “frog” has roots deep in history; its origins are found as far back as the Middle-English and Old Norse languages of Scandinavia.

In these olden times, water levels were much higher due to melting glaciers than they currently are today -- rivers flooded more often and for longer periods during seasonal changes.

10. Frog plushies have been around since the early 1900s

The history of frog plushies is long and interesting. They were first sold in the early 1900s, which was a time when frogs had just been discovered to exist as real animals rather than mythological creatures.

Frog-shaped items have existed since ancient times, but it wasn't until Europeans found out about their existence that anyone considered making them into soft cuddly toys for children's amusement.

The more you know about frog plushies, the easier it is to find what will be your perfect friend.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the 10 things no one tells you about frog plushies.

As we come to a close, it’s time for me to give my opinion on which of these items is the most interesting. Personally, I find number 2 (Some Frog Plushies have a Sound Box Inside) and number 9 ( "frog" comes from an Old English phrase meaning "to croak," which is what frogs do) to be two of the coolest points because they tell us more about where these products are coming from and what other purposes people might use them for besides being just children's toys.

What do you think? Which point interests you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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